About the products

About Calinachi Bulgaria products


Calinachi is a new Bulgarian brand on the market. The quality of the products and the look of the packaging demand something different. A product with high standards that cares about every detail, from the unique natural formulas that give results in a natural way, to the smallest detail in the appearance of the packaging. High quality without any compromise is our guarantee for good results.

Calinachi are products specialized in skin and hair care. The Calinachi series of products can satisfy the needs of even the most sensitive skin or very damaged hair. Thanks to the experience, the research done in the field and the selection of the best raw materials and materials, we ensure a very high quality and long-lasting effect in the fight against specific problems of the hair, such as hair loss, broken and severely exhausted hair and of the skin, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, dehydration and acne.

All Calinachi brand products have formulas as close to nature as possible, avoiding the content of preservatives, dyes, petroleum products and alcohols. At the same time, they do not contain acids that are aggressive to the skin and hair. These are alternative, natural products that protect health and achieve long-lasting results.

In order to be able to guarantee the final result and manage to satisfy your needs, we use oils and materials produced in France, Italy, Bulgaria and work only with authorized distributors in the area.

Calinachi is a high-class cosmetic that works at the cellular level and has a long-lasting effect.









The shelf life of the products is kept under strict control and constantly monitored.


For the team

Behind Calinachi is a team of highly motivated and energetic professionals whose goal is to keep you smiling every day. We follow trends, educate ourselves constantly and look for new ways to improve our products.

We wish you an exciting journey on the path of Beauty!