Keratin – Vibrant and Beautiful Hair

Keratin – Vibrant and Beautiful Hair

Keratin is the main active ingredient in many hair treatments and therapies, and the benefits of using it are amazing. Professionals in the field strongly recommend the use of keratin for quick and lasting results to restore damaged hair.

Hair health is a reflection of our lifestyle, so it is essential to take care of it when we want to have a beautiful and natural look. The high demands imposed by modern society do not allow us to have dull, dry and damaged hair. Keratin helps bring life back to our hair!

In its essence, keratin is a protein rich in sulfur and occurs naturally in the human body, specifically in nails, skin and hair, ensuring their strength and density. There are many different types of keratin and not all provide the same effect. Organic and synthetic are useful, and the use of organic is recommended because the duration of the effect of its use lasts longer.

It is a myth that keratin only serves to straighten curly hair. Keratin treatment is recommended for all hair types. The main benefits are:

  • Restores damaged hair

Dehydration, styling, coloring and more damage hair. As mentioned above, the benefits of using keratin are for all hair types. This is due to its formula and the absence of formaldehyde in its composition.

  • Smooths the hair

Keratin helps to restore cracked and weak areas because it is rich in proteins and vitamins and thus thickens the hair. In cases where the hair is severely damaged, it is recommended to cut the tips after therapy.

  • Holds the color

It is an excellent means of maintaining the color of dyed hair. The fact is that keratin restores hair along its length. Thanks to this, the color lasts longer and the hair is shiny and shiny.

  • Adds volume

Keratin is rich in proteins, thanks to which it gives strength and greater strength to our hair, strengthens hair follicles and gives volume.

  • Nourishes the hair

The chemical composition of keratin contains many nutrients and amino acids. These are elements that are otherwise lost naturally over time. Supplying the hair with the necessary substances helps it recover and hydrate, giving it vitality and elasticity.

Thanks to keratin, the hair is shaped, soft and elastic, and the color is preserved. The effectiveness of using keratin no longer depends on whether you have professional experience.

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