Homemade or Conventional Mask?

Homemade or Conventional Mask?

For some time in the field of beauty procedures, there has been a debate as to which cosmetics are more useful, economical and favorable for the skin. In search of the ideal option for her face, every woman turns to different and versatile formulas and brands to contribute to the desired appearance. But where is the truth?

It is important to note that, in view of the constantly evolving technology and scientific knowledge, a strict distinction does not always have an impact on a specific product. The principles of home and conventional cosmetics are increasingly intertwined and interacting, for which we can only be happy.

Facial care – the choice of mask matters

The skin of the face is among the most sensitive areas in the human body and is subject to the influence of a number of external and internal factors – on the one hand, climatic conditions, dirty air, etc., and on the other – all the processes taking place in the human body – aging, stress, intake of poor quality food and more and more.

In addition to this, the use of low-quality cosmetics can contribute to permanent damage to the health of your face. This is what makes the choice of cream and mask so important, because with the right products you will not only not harm yourself, but also overcome the influence of all factors as much as possible.


Word-of-mouth recipes for homemade face masks are definitely gaining popularity among people as an alternative facial treatment. The main advantage that is highlighted is the use of natural products and the application of principles known from time immemorial.

But if there is a principle that can be applied to any area of life, it is that it is never advisable to go to extremes. It is in balance, harmony or the so-called “golden mean” that the answer to the eternal conflict between conventional and homemade face masks turns out to be the answer. We must agree that just as there are chemical ingredients that are not harmful to health and skin, there are also natural products that, in a certain concentration, are far from being so beneficial for people.

Calinachi offers masks that provide the perfect combination of quality and practicality

  • The natural formulas of the face masks offered by the brand combine the advantages of both homemade and conventional masks.
  • High-quality products are used, which are as close as possible to nature;
  • The combination of various oils and extracts allows the face masks to target the various problems you may face – aging, lack of elasticity and flexibility, dehydration, fatigue, etc.;
  • Thanks to extensive research before its creation, each face mask guarantees you a long-lasting effect that you will notice immediately;
  • Calinachi products will take care of the vitality of your skin, no matter what external and internal stress it is subjected to, in a health-friendly way.

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