Tips for Beautiful Hair in Autumn and Winter

Tips for Beautiful Hair in Autumn and Winter

Just as nature has its seasons, hair has its life cycle and goes through different phases. This requires us to synchronize the efforts we make with the specific needs of the hair in a given period of time. This is the time of seasonal hair loss, unruly hair and dry scalp.

#1 Make an appointment with a hairdresser

UV rays, salt water and chlorinated water in the summer leave hair exhausted, brittle and with split ends. Trust a professional and cut your hair. This will significantly refresh it and bring back its glamorous look. Lower temperatures also help preserve the color for a longer period of time. If you have decided to refresh or change your hair color, this is a good time to do it.

#2 Be aware of the weather conditions outside

Low temperature leads to lower moisture content in the air. To keep your hair hydrated and nourished wear a hat to keep your scalp and hair length warm. Choose it correctly to avoid the formation of static electricity, which makes hair unruly and unstylable.

Be careful with styling products as well. If it’s raining outside and you’ve used a strong hairspray or gel, there’s a huge chance it will look dirty. Trust in lighter formulas.

#3 Hydrate your hair

To keep the moisture in the hair structure for longer, it is good to comb it well every night, if possible use a comb with natural hair. Avoid heavy styling procedures and, if possible, let the hair dry naturally. Even so, you can look stylish in the hectic everyday life, just rely on simpler, clean and classic looks for yourself. A ponytail and coke are always good choices.

#4 Choose your cosmetics correctly

Trust natural products and pay attention to their ingredients. Calinachi Extreme hair mask is a good choice. It is rich in oils such as acorn, jojoba, avocado and others, nourishing in depth and restoring shine to the hair. Procapilla, lanolin, magnesium and caffeine in it fight hair loss and loss of volume, especially characteristic of this season. The hair is highly energized. In addition, you can also trust Calinachi sulfate-free shampoo. It has completely natural foaming agents, does not contain silicones and is suitable for daily use.

When you apply the shampoo, mask or oils that you have chosen for you, do it with massaging movements for 2-3 minutes. This helps improve blood circulation in a rock.

#5 Eat right

A good diet is key to your overall health. Autumn, with its changeable weather and low temperatures, predisposes to colds. This invariably leads to a decline in the immune system and the general tone of the body. It is not possible to have beautiful hair with an unhealthy body. Eat more fruits and vegetables, foods rich in protein, zinc and omega 3. These are meat, nuts, seafood, fish, legumes, etc.

#6 Exercise

The fact is that the sea is already behind us and we won’t have to walk around in swimsuits, but that doesn’t mean we stop playing sports. Physical exercises raise the tone, speed up the metabolism and are one of the main means of dealing with stress.

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