eye countur serum

CALINACHI's eye serum has a pure 100% natural content. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Can be used morning or evening.
Yes, the serum is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. It is composed of only natural ingredients that do not cause irritation.
The serum contains vitamin C. If you use retinol in the evening, you can include the serum in your morning routine.
The serum can be used alone, it can also be included as a step in a longer routine, or it can be sealed with a suitable day or night cream.
Using the product is in a few easy steps. step 1 Prepare your skin by cleansing and hydrating with CALINACHI Cosmetics Micellar Mist or a suitable third party water/mist. Step 2 Activate the vial by pressing a few times until the serum starts to come out. Press gently for precise dosing. Step 3 Apply a sufficient amount of the serum with the soft finger or the applicator, massaging gently. About 1/2 a pea. Apply to the eye area using the metallic spatula included in the kit. The direction is from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.You can apply in the morning or in the evening. It also has a wonderful result in the lip area.