hair mask

You can use the mask with every wash. It is important to be able to correctly determine whether the hair at the given moment needs protein or hydration. For balanced hair, you can combine effective and protein and hydrating products.
For maximum effect, combine with Calinachi shampoos. They are gentle and do not contain aggressive ingredients. They do not contain silicones, sulfates and parabens. You can combine it with both protein and moisturizing shampoo, depending on the needs of the hair and scalp.
The mask has an extremely rich formula, the composition of which also includes suitable oils. Preush therapy with additional oils can make hair look greasy.
When using the mask as a scalp treatment it is good to seal the lengths with a light conditioner, such as Calinachi's, or another suitable moisturizing product.
Yes, there are no silicones in the formula.
Option 1: Apply to well-shampooed scalp and hair. For maximum effect, combine with Calinachi shampoos. The required amount of mask, first apply to the scalp, massaging gently with the soft of the fingers or with a scalp massager within 2-3 minutes. Leave the mask on the roots for 10-15 minutes, then distribute along the lengths and apply an amount as needed. Leave it on for another 5-6 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm (not hot) water. Option 2: You can also use the mask as a pre-wash therapy. For the purpose of wet scalp, apply the required amount of the product by massaging with the soft of the fingers or using a scalp massager. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with water and shampoo. You can seal in the lengths with a light conditioner like Calinachi's.