Calinachi Loyalty Program

Calinachi Loyalty Program’s loyalty program enables every registered customer to earn bonuses and discounts with every order.

Loyalty program rules and mechanism

For every purchase made with registered customers accumulate bonus points equal to the value of the order in EUR.
Example: An order for EUR 50 earns 50 bonus points.
The value of 1 bonus point upon payment is EUR 0.05.
You can pay with bonus points when you have 20 or more points in your account.
Bonus points are also accrued when using other types of discounts, promo codes or vouchers.
You can track the accumulated balance for each account in the My Profile section.
The loyalty program applies to every registered on customer profile
Activities that bring bonus points are:

  • Registration – 40 points
  • First order – 40 points
  • Article comment – 20 points
  • Product review – 20 points

Terms of the loyalty program

Points are collected and used only on
Accumulated points can only be used by the customer with whose profile they were accumulated. Points cannot be transferred to other person/profile.
When using the points, change is not to be returned.
Accumulated points are valid for 6 months, with each subsequent order you are restarting the validity period.
The start date of the bonus program is 04.06.2023. Bonus points were not awarded for orders prior to this date. reserves the right to change the conditions of the loyalty program unilaterally and without notice.

For further questions and clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.